Shipping Costs

1. Shipping Costs

By default we send our products to the countries listed below. The resulting shipping costs you can find in the table below.

Shipment DestinationDelivery typetill 5kgtill 10kgover 10kg


UPS Standard € 8,49

Belgium, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Poland,  Slovakia, Slowenia, France, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria

UPS Standard  € 14,99  € 19,99  € 24,99


UPS Standard

 € 17,99

 € 24,99  € 29,99

Denmark, Sweden, Monaco

UPS Standard  € 19,99  € 27,99  € 34,99
Ireland, Great Britain UPS Standard  € 24,99  € 31,99  € 37,99
Italy, Portugal, Spain German Post (Registered)  € 14,99  € 19,99  € 24,99
Switzerland German Post (Registered) € 17,99 € 24,99 € 34,99
Croatia, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece German Post (Registered) € 19,99 € 27,99 € 34,99

In Gemany we ship orders with more than € 500 total amount for free.

Please bear in mind that for international deliveries additional taxes and/or other expenses like custom duties are paid by you. 

2. Shipping time and date

Shipping time for abroad deliveries.

Following table shows the shipping time for shipments to another countries, which needs to added to the shipment time stated in the specific product. 

CountryAdditional maximum Shipping time in working days
Belgium 2
Bulgaria 8
Denmark 2
Estonia 9
Finland 6
France 3
Greece 9
Great Britain 3
 Ireland 8
 Italy 3
Latvia 12
Lithuania 6
Luxembourg 3
Croatia 4
Monaco 4
Netherlands 3
Austria 2
Poland 3
Portugal 9
Romania 10
Sweden 4
Switzerland 3
Spain 7
Slowakia 4
Slowenia 4
Czech Republic 3
Hungary 4

Calculation of the shipment date

By payment via prepayment the deadline for the shipment starts at the day after sending the payment order to our commercial bank. By other payment methods the deadline starts after the conclusion of the contract. If the last day of the deadline is a Saturday, Sunday or another official holiday, the next working day becomes the deadline.

3. Delivery

The orders are delivered via UPS Standard oder German Post (Registered). You can see above, which delivery type we use for which country.

Standardly we ship only to the countries listed in §.1. If you desire the delivery to another country, send us an e-mail at and tell us your order and your shipment address. We will tell you as soon as possible, whether we can send to your favoured country and will tell you the shipment cost, which we need to ask our shipment partners at first.