In this article, we would like to introduce the gaussmeter CYGM99A to you.

The gaussmeter CYGM99A is a microprocessor-controlled handheld measuring instrument, which allows you to measure both DC and AC magnetic field strengths easily and with high accuracy. Thanks to different measuring ranges, various setting options and functions, USB port for data communication with computer, as well as the possibility to use batteries or the adaptor for power supply, you can handle tasks such as quality controls and comparison measurements with the Gaussmeter CYGM99A quickly and easily.
Today we want to introduce our newest product to you. The Hall Effect current sensor CYHCS-EKC is based on the open-loop principle and designed with a split core and high galvanic isolation between the primary conductor and secondary circuit. It can be used for measurement of AC/DC current etc.. The output of the transducer reflects the real wave of the current-carrying conductor.