Launching of new blog - Sonnecy at

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new blog - Sonnecy at 


Our blog will be a platform dedicated to providing knowledge on topics of sensor and electromagnetic measurement technology, as well as to improving cooperation and knowledge exchange among interested hobbyists, students and engineers. 


Sensor and electromagnetic measurement technology is an indispensable part of our lives, from automotive to various industrial applications, which has made our daily lives much more safer and easier. Thus, it is important for the passing on of relevant knowledge and for continuous research and development in these fields. Yet, we understand the challenges of familiarizing oneself to these interdisciplinary topics due to a lack of learning resources available. 


Thus, the aim of our blog is to introduce interdisciplinary topics of sensor and electromagnetic measurement technology with our expertise through intriguing articles for readers from different backgrounds. The content of articles will be based on the principles as well as the applications of sensor and electromagnetic measurement products in everyday life via interesting illustrations and in an easily-comprehensible context. An open commentary platform is also created to foster effective discussion among our blog community and an opportunity to learn from one another.


With cooperation and knowledge exchange, together we can further advance research and work towards a better future.

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