New Product: Hall Current Sensor CYHCS-EKC

Today we want to introduce our newest product to you. The Hall Effect current sensor CYHCS-EKC is based on the open loop principle and designed with a split core and a high galvanic isolation between primary conductor and secondary circuit. It can be used for measurement of AC/DC current etc.. The output of the transducer reflects the real wave of the current carrying conductor.

Compared our previous products the CYHCS-EKC provides following advantages:

  • It can be mounted on the primary cable directly. Therefore the mounting efforts are very low.
  • It has less weight and a lower price, while providing the same performance as other Hall Current Sensors.

The CYHCS-EKC inaugurates a new range of applications of Hall Current Sensors, No fixated mounting is necessary and therefore it can be used in renewable energy equipment.

The CYHCS-EKC is now available in our online-shop. Buy it now and see for yourself the capabilities of our latest product.

Yours sincerely

Your Sonnecy Team.

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